Time Tracker, Todo, Sprint Manager - Basecamp

Link Basecamp Projects with Moon HRM and Moon Invoice. Track the progress of each sprint and to-do created on the Basecamp with the Time Tracker extension for Basecamp.


5k+ Organizations are Tracking their Basecamp Projects Using Time Tracker for Basecamp

Why Does Your Organization Need a Time Tracker for Basecamp?

Your company can track each little progress of the Basecamp sprints and to-dos using our extension.

Estimate & Total Hours Management

Track the sprint's or card’s total and estimation hours with Time Tracker, Todo, Sprint Manager For Basecamp.

  • Add estimated hours to sprint’s todos
  • Check the total hours spent on each sprint
  • Add and edit spent time and estimated hours anytime
  • Set start and end date for sprint/milestone 
  • Change status for sprint/milestone
Estimate & Total Hours Management

Work Report Sync with Moon HRM

Link various projects to Moon HRM to get regular timesheets.

  • Link Basecamp projects to Moon HRM on the go!
  • Add report to to-dos or projects, get it synced with Moon HRM 
  • Add time logs to projects and get timesheets just like Moon HRM
Work Report Sync with Moon HRM

Link Projects to Moon HRM & Moon Invoice

Make project management easy by linking the basecamp projects to Moon HRM.

  • TL or PM can add new basecamp projects to Moon HRM
  • Create new projects & link them to Moon HRM & Moon Invoice
  • Sync todos with Moon HRM
  • Sync time logs with Moon Invoice
Link Projects to Moon HRM & Moon Invoice

Various Filter Options

Sort the project using different filters designed for Basecamp to-dos and sprints.

  • Sort out status-wise to-dos and sprints
  • Sort out group-by to-dos and sprints
  • Sort out assignee-wise to-dos and sprints 
  • Sort out by overdue as per the date mentioned in the todo title
Various Filter Options

Experience the Quick Sync with Moon HRM & Moon Invoice

Linking Basecamp Projects to Moon HRM and Moon Invoice is easy and simple by just entering your Moon HRM or Moon Invoice credentials. TL and PM can easily link projects that can help track the progress of every sprint or to-do associated with the said project.

How to Login into Basecamp Time Tracker for Moon HRM or Moon Invoice?

Make project management easy and simple for your organization with these easy steps to link your Moon HRM or Moon Invoice account with Basecamp.

  1. Install Basecamp Time Tracker Extension
  2. Click on the Login Icon on the Top Right of the Basecamp Extension
  3. Enter Moon HRM or Moon Invoice Email Address
  4. Verify the Email Address by Entering the OTP
  5. Complete the Verification Process with Basecamp Permission
How to Login into Basecamp Time Tracker for Moon HRM or Moon Invoice?

Important Add-Ons

Connect your existing Moon Invoice or Moon HRM account with Basecamp for availing these additional features. 

  • Sync Todos With App
  • Link Project Directly or Create Projects
  • Expand and Collapse the Group
  • Card Table Spent Hours Management
  • Card Table View
  • Project Wise Commenting
  • Manage Time Logs
  • Timesheet Management
  • Sprint Date & Time Management
  • Work Load Summary

Our Happy Users

Henry Brown
Henry Brown

This Basecamp extension maximizes productivity by expanding task management possibilities, delivering an enriched experience that amplifies project success.

Ethan Williams
Ethan Williams

This extension is a game-changer for me, seamlessly integrating with the platform to enhance task management and collaboration, making teamwork even more efficient.

Lucas Anderson
Lucas Anderson

Streamline project communication and organization effortlessly with the Basecamp extension, a must-have addition that elevates project tracking and team coordination

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure. Click on settings and turn off the link with the Basecamp toggle button.

No. As of now, our extension only works for the Cards View.

The Moon HRM icon is on the screen's top right corner. The login process has not been successfully executed if the icon doesn't appear.

The card table view shows the total spent and estimated hours. The total spent and estimated hours can also be added or edited as per requirement.

With the workload summary feature, employees can individually check their spent and estimated hours in a particular sprint.

The TL and PM are only allowed to enable and disable the comments for particular projects.

There will be a blue tick after successful login in the Basecamp. The login process has not been successfully executed if the Moon Invoice icon doesn't appear with your signed-in avatar at Basecamp.