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Experience powerful remote access without any dependencies on the server side. Integrate it with your iOS and Mac devices today.

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Businesses are Managing the Remote Access Using SSH Client.

Why Do You Need SSH?

All big companies and organizations are now managing their business by offering excellent remote access. SSH is one such app to help your business achieve business productivity.

Secure PuTTY, PowerShell, Mosh

Experience the most secure data access, transfer, and sharing with SSH Client App.

  • Get the best SSH protocol for remote access with SSH Telnet
  • PowerShell helps your business with the most secure network protocols
  • Mosh makes it easy for your business to connect with the client's computer over the internet
  • Works easily on mobile cellular or Wi-Fi
Secure PuTTY, PowerShell, Mosh - secure shell app

Gesture Controls

Experience the best single-touch connection gesture controls with SSH Client App.

  • Tap and untap the connection from the home screen
  • Auto-scrolling with one-touch
  • Get a pinch-scaling terminal screen
Gesture Controls - secure socket shel

Adaptive Terminal

Experience seamless customization with SSH Client App. Make it work as you want!

  • Personalize the terminal background, foreground, and cursor color selection
  • Change the terminal size as per your requirement
  • Support terminal screen with easy selection for copy and paste
  • Terminal Emulator and Editor feature
Adaptive Terminal - SSH Client

Easy to Connect, Easy to Access

SSH Client is best known for running multiple prompt sessions at a time. It counts the indicator at App Badge during an active connection. Nevertheless, it is quite helpful in minimizing the workload by configuring and managing unlimited future sessions.

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Important Features

Below are some additional features of the SSH Client App.

  • Organized Server Folders
  • Configurable Ports
  • Customizable Keyboard
  • STTP Functionalities
  • Uninterrupted Operationality
  • Multiple Editor Support
  • Universal Binary App
  • Built-in Passcode Features
  • Local Notification Alert
  • RSA/DSA Key Generation

Our Happy SSH Client Users

Reid Oberbrunner
Value of money - Recommended

Adaptive Terminal and Handy Features with Terminal Customisation and helps me to Organised group wise server to easy and free manage & control interoperability. Definitely recommended.

Danial Osinski
Decent app, sustainable interface

This terminal app looks very promising and Affordable. The Ul and user flow is well designed. Cheers!

Jonatan Gaylord
Wonderful App

This app allows me to import all documents that I need to import. And whenever I import those documents, i never face any kind of issue in that.

Frequently Asked Questions

SSH, widely known as Secure Shell or Secure Socket Shell, is a cryptographic network protocol that helps with secure network services.

The SSH Client app is available for free for the first seven days. Subscribing to the SSH Client app allows users prompt access to all the platforms’ features.

Yes, SSH Client App allows multiple prompt sessions at a time.