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Leverage the power of our free indoor navigation tool and increase footfall to your booth/stall by 10X using YourMap By Moon. Schools, colleges, hotels, event organizers, real estate and property show owners, stadiums, zoos, theme parks, etc., can create easily navigatable maps. for seamless navigation and easy access to points of interest.

  • Provide accurate navigation to points of interest
  • Make free maps yourself or get help from our team
  • Add custom Map Images
  • Increase event footfall
  • No app signup formalities for visitors

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1K+ Organizers Have Made Free Maps for their Events With YourMap

Why Do You Need YourMap?

YourMaps By Moon is the ultimate event management and free navigation solution, designed to simplify the process for Event Organizers, Exhibition Agencies, and End-Users.

Easier Access to Event Information

Event visitors shall have access to complete event information from the event location, event menu, each exhibitor’s location, event schedules, upcoming and live events, and completed events. In short, the YourMap dashboard gives the visitors all the valuable event information.
Administrators can:
  • Add Events, Edit Event Information, Delete Events
  • Monitor Event Activities
  • Perform All Administrative Tasks Effectively
Easier Access to Event Information

Increased Accessibility and Navigation

Visitors who successfully step down to your event must be served complete event and exhibitor details along with the respective booth directions. Your attendees can seamlessly explore the exhibition spaces, ensuring they can easily locate booths, stages, restrooms, and other areas of interest

YourMap helps visitors get direct Google Maps assistance to reach the desired location. Our system provides users with spatial context and turn-by-turn directions inside a building.

  • Add a Custom Image of Your Stall or Precise Location
  • Allow Visitors to Search About the Event
  • Let Your Event Details Be Found Online
Increased Accessibility and Navigation

Emphasize Safe Routes During Emergencies

Get increased safety measures for individuals and assets, aid emergency response and evacuations, enable tracing during health crises, and access control measures. It empowers frontline responders to navigate complex indoor spaces with precision. It will also help end users navigate evacuation routes seamlessly during emergencies.
  • Easily manage and execute evacuation plans
  • Get exact locations during any health crisis
Emphasize Safe Routes During Emergencies

Interactive Booth Locator

Attendees can use an interactive map to search for exhibitor booths, view product information, schedule meetings, and navigate directly to their desired booths within the event.
  • Accurate digital navigation technology
  • Routes to points of interest
  • Make the navigation experience more engaging
  • Create personalized routes tailored to their interests
Interactive Booth Locator

Custom Event Mapping & Navigation

Event organizers can create custom maps for the internal event stall, booth, or point by uploading the custom map image for the particular event. The visitors shall use our app and start their journey to the designated location by simply allowing the app to use their live location. Allowing the app to integrate with Google Maps will assist in reaching the exact location or venue.
  • Easily create a custom map for your booth
  • Display your stall images for a quick search
  • Ensure visitors spend less time finding your stall
Custom Event Mapping & Navigation

Accurate Indoor Navigation for Exhibitors

Visitors that have successfully stepped down to your event must be served with complete event and exhibitor details along with the respective booth directions. YourMap helps visitors to get direct Google Maps assistance to reach the desired location.
  • Direct Access to the Event Exhbitor’s Precise Location
  • Visitors Need Not to Login or Sign Up
Accurate Indoor Navigation for Exhibitors

Using YourMaps By Moon

Experience seamless event management and navigation today with YourMaps By Moon. It simplifies event management and navigation for administrators, exhibitors, and end-users alike:
Administrator Perspective:

Manage events, approve exhibitor requests, and monitor user activities effortlessly.

Event Planner/Exhibitor Perspective:

Sign up to add events, set dates, upload custom maps, and showcase logos or banners.

End Users' Perspective:

Access event information without signup, navigate directly to exhibitors, and start journeys with a click.

Using YourMaps By Moon

Manage Events &Expos Like a PRO!

YourMap is a must-have event application offering indoor event information for visitors. The app offers seamless event management with admin access to add users for upcoming events. Have an upcoming event to organize and manage like a PRO with YourMap.

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Important Add-Ons

Additional features of YourMap

  • Exclusive User Dashboard
  • Search Option
  • Accurate Event Location
  • Current to Event Location Distance
  • Event Management
  • Admin Panel

Our Happy YourMap Users

Reid Oberbrunner
Value of Money - Recommended

Adaptive Terminal and Handy Features with Terminal Customization and helps me to Organized groupwise server to easy and free manage & control interoperability. Definitely recommended.

Danial Osinski
Decent app, sustainable interface

This terminal app looks very promising and Affordable. The Ul and user flow is well designed. Cheers!

Jonatan Gaylord
Wonderful App

This app allows me to import all documents that I need to import. And whenever I import those documents, i never face any kind of issue in that.

Frequently Asked Questions

YourMap by Moon will help visitors judge the distance from their exact location to the desired location. By allowing the app to use Google Maps, the user can get a direct location to the exhibitor.

All the exhibitors can request the admin approve the navigation of their stall or booth in the YourMap app. Exhibitors can add their custom event images.

Yes! Our team at YourMap By Moon is dedicated to helping you by creating custom maps free of cost. To request a custom map, you can reach out to our team with details about the location you need a map for, and we’ll create a map that meets your requirements.

Admin can add, edit, or delete events using YourMap.