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Manage projects and employees easily using our time-tracking app. Get accurate time logs and convert them into timesheets for raising quick invoices.

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Why Does Your Business Need a Time Tracking App?

Businesses can make quick timesheets by recording each hour of their project using our time-tracking application for professionals and small businesses.

Work Time Tracking

Do you wish to perform work time tracking? Get Moon Time Tracker to track work hours automatically.

  • Get a manual and automatic timer for work hours tracking
  • Track work hours and submit a report
  • Select project for work time tracking
Work Time Tracking - time tracker android app

Time Logs

Generate automatic time logs from the time tracked using our time tracker Android app.

  • Start and stop the time tracker to generate a time log
  • Get time logs every day with the report feature
  • Convert time logs into time sheets with a single click
Time Logs - work time tracking

Hours' Report

Track every hour of your project or employees with our time-tracking software.

  • Get an hourly report of each project on the go!
  • Track every hour of activity of employees
  • Download task reports for different hours with a single click
Hours Report - time tracking software

Manage Projects,Tasks & Teams

Moon Time Tracker helps businesses and organizations track projects, tasks, and employees on the go. Add tasks or projects to help your team record their work for associated projects or tasks. Get daily, weekly, and yearly time logs for every project. Also, manage a team and their access using Moon Time Tracker.

Manage Projects, Tasks & Teams - time tracking app

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How to Use Moon Time Tracker?

Our Happy Moon Time Tracker Users

Pefanis Jesko

This is certainly a revolutionary app for a work hour tracker. All things considered, I'm pretty satisfied with this app and hope that even more amazing features are added in the upcoming time. Chears!

Dzledzic LupiSep

This app is easily generates timesheets and I can use this for my accounting purposes and also this helps me to track the hours for different types of projects and clients. So it is a very obviously good app.

SIelaff Dutter

Seamlessly tracks your activities with intuitive design, making time management a breeze. A must-have tool for optimizing productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moon Timer Tracker offers manual and InOut timers to record project and employee hours.

Users can mention the task rate while adding a new task in our time-tracking app.

To generate a timesheet using our time tracker android app, the user has to save the time logs for a specific project. Later, the saved time logs are converted to timesheets with a single click. Timesheets are a type of invoice that is generated on an hourly basis of work.