11 Best Employee Engagement Software: Transforming Your Workplace

11 Best Employee Engagement Software: Transforming Your Workplace

Companies with strong employee engagement are 21% more profitable, according to a Gallup Report. Engagement needs to be the primary goal.

But even with all this emphasis to optimize employee engagement, not enough employees are performing to their full capacity.

Clearly, businesses still need employee engagement.

Your company’s success or failure may be determined by how happy and engaged your staff are. Employee involvement improves your company’s overall productivity and performance.

Adopting employee engagement tools and developing robust engagement methods may be helpful in this case. You need a cutting-edge, all-encompassing platform that works in sync with your firm on all fronts to maximize the success of your engagement strategy.

Let us begin by learning more about these employee engagement tools and how to choose the finest ones for your company.

What is Employee Engagement Software?

Employee engagement software, commonly referred to as workforce engagement software, is a tool used to measure and improve employee engagement for your business.

Businesses may use this HRM software to uncover innovative ways to engage employees, promote growth, and improve both the customer and employee experience.

You may collect and analyze employee feedback in real-time to acquire timely insights and make necessary changes. It also includes components that promote and induce actions that increase engagement and influence business performance and outcomes. Turnover has decreased, creativity has been promoted, and profitability has grown as a result of this HRM and employee engagement tool.

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Eight Key Features of Employee Engagement Software

Eight Key Features of Employee Engagement Software

Here are eight crucial elements to consider as you streamline your procedure. These factors not only promote a more productive and enjoyable work environment but also increase employee engagement.

1. Simple User Interface

An excellent user interface is required for employee engagement software. The user-friendly design, which minimizes the learning curve, allows the team to use it without any training.

2. Daily Engagement From Employees

Modern software may track real-time data, such as task notifications, approaching due dates for one-on-one sessions, and so on. You can easily customize what each user sees.

3. Goal-setting and goal-monitoring

Setting clear expectations and goals, followed by rewards for meeting or exceeding them, is the most effective strategy to encourage staff. Goal tracking will be done differently by different platforms, but it will be an essential component of any successful solution.

4. Integration of Multiple Systems

These include project management, mailing, and calendaring tools. Data from other platforms can be used thanks to system integration, which also helps databases expand.

5. Reporting and Analytics

Tracking performance requires statistics, and employee engagement solutions give you access to the necessary analytical and reporting tools.

Methods of engagement can be enhanced, and long-term potential can be maximized using data-driven decision-making. With this visual reporting, managers can act on the data.

6. Push Notifications

When the entire workforce needs to be informed of important information, such as a site maintenance update, work updates, daily task reminders, or a reminder to complete required training, an effective employee engagement software offers push notifications.

7. Scalable and adaptable

Your business is expanding and changing all the time. Your employee engagement software ought to follow suit as a result. Look for choices that let you add or remove subscription services to change them over time.

8. Features of Training and Development

There must be opportunities for ongoing professional development if today’s workforce is to attract and keep top talent. When there are resources for professional development, employees may advance and develop.

11 Best Employee Engagement Software for 2024

The best employee engagement software includes features that are key to your business success. Let us check out the top employee engagement tools:

1. Moon HRM

Moon HRM, a human resources management program, provides managers with tools to boost employee engagement in their organizations.

It also provides intelligent analytics and data that can be utilized to assess employee happiness and make decisions. It is a thorough component of the best employee engagement software and deserves to be among the top choices.

Moon HRM - best employee engagement software

Here are a few of the distinguishing features:

  • Automated notifications: Moon HRM may send automated warnings and notifications to your staff.
  • Simple dashboard: The easy dashboard allows managers and HR executives to manage teams successfully.
  • Time management for employees: You can get daily work reports for employees to manage employee working time efficiently.
  • Biometric access: For employees working from the office, you can track attendance directly through biometric inputs.
  • Basecamp integration: You can integrate Moon HRM with Basecamp for easy task management.
  • Real-time analytics: With real-time dashboards and staff information at your fingertips, you can plan for the expansion of your business.


  • Premium plans are available at 0.99$ per month per additional employee or $19.99 per month for upto 30 employees.
  • Custom quotes are also available for over 10 employees.

2. Zavvy

Zavvy, the HR management tool, has everything you need for employee engagement. Your employee processes can be sped up and made ten times smarter with the new Zavvy AI technology.

Here are the top features offered by Zavvy:

  • Pre-boarding and onboarding: Assemble onboarding buddies to aid in acclimatization in order to increase recruit engagement.
  • Employee skill development: Connecting employees with appropriate training materials will aid in their professional growth.
  • Analytics and engagement: Meetup groups promote lasting business relationships, and detailed analytics offer helpful information on the results of your engagement efforts.


  • Pricing starts at $4 per employee
  • The minimum packages available are $300.
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3. Culture Amp

Culture Amp can help employers boost employee engagement, productivity, and retention. It provides ongoing feedback and learning resources to employees, allowing them to make informed decisions and deliver their best work.

The following are the software’s primary features:

  • Employee surveys: Research-based engagement surveys can be tailored to increase participation.
  • Insights and feedback: Consistent improvement is possible with suitable recommendations and comments.
  • Company core value: Performance management connects corporate ideals and objectives.


The pricing plans include:

  • Perform: Starting at $11
  • Develop: Starting at $4
  • Engage: Starting at $5

4. Motivosity

Motivosity is a complete employee engagement initiative that aims to increase job satisfaction. It focuses on three main components that determine employee satisfaction: job happiness, community involvement, and developing excellent working connections.

The following are the software’s primary features:

  • Employee Recognition: You can choose from hundreds of unique gift cards or personalized employee incentives to motivate your personnel.
  • Performance Tracking: Managers can collaborate with their employees to monitor and identify situations that require prompt action.
  • Social Feed: It has a social feed to encourage collaboration and communication.


  • Custom pricing plans are available
  • At $2 p/m each, you can add additional features to your plan.

5. Workvivo

One of the best software alternatives for fostering good relationships between employees and your business is Workvivo.

Thanks to Workvivo, an employee experience platform, staff members may emotionally connect with your company’s culture from any location. It combines an intranet, a communications hub, and a tool for staff involvement to produce a cohesive social networking experience.

The unique capabilities and integrations of Workvivo include:

  • Recognition: Workvivo’s peer-driven award submissions and public praise for a job well done are two of its best features.
  • Social intranet: This employee engagement tool offers employees a voice, enables them to have more meaningful conversations with their coworkers, and advances the culture, objectives, and values of your business.
  • Easy integrations: There are connections available for several well-liked HR solutions, such as payroll applications, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.


  • Free plan available
  • The plan starts at $5

6. Pocket HRMS

Since Pocket HRMS has upgraded AI-based modules that can significantly raise employee engagement levels in your company, it is an all-in-one software for employee engagement for enterprises of any size. A free trial is an additional option to help you decide.

Here are a few of its advantageous attributes:

  • Employee self-service: Self-service options in Pocket HRMS give employees access to the tasks and information related to their HR.
  • Payroll management: To speed up payroll processes, it offers complete payroll administration solutions.
  • Leave and attendance management: Users can effectively manage worker attendance and leave records.


  • The free plan is available.
  • Paid plans start at $22 per month

7. Trakstar

Trakstar, a talent development center, places a heavy emphasis on upskilling current employees and establishing a healthy work atmosphere.

If you eliminate the need for manual processes, you will be able to make more informed decisions that will assist you in attracting, retaining, and engaging your workforce. Some of its key components include hiring, performance management, training, and real-time analytics.

Trendy features include:

  • Performance evaluation: With Trakstar, firms can set goals and carry out evaluations. Trakstar specializes in performance management and review.
  • Feedback: Users can submit comments and take notes to aid in ongoing conversations about performance.
  • Analytics: To assist you in monitoring development and trends, Trakstar offers reporting and analytics solutions.


  • Basic: $249 per month
  • Advanced: $599 per month
  • Pro: $1199 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom plans available

8. Connecteam

A tool for employee engagement called Connecteam is primarily used to communicate with non-desk employees. It also offers features like staff chats, directories, surveys, and a knowledge base.

Important characteristics include:

  • Employee time clock: You can track staff hours and attendance with the help of the time clock feature in Connecteam.
  • Task management: Users can delegate and oversee jobs to speed up workflows.
  • Employee communication: These platform-wide services include forums, chat, and announcements.


It has a free plan

  • Basic plan: $29 per month
  • Advanced: $49 /mo
  • Expert: $99 /mo
  • Enterprise: Custom plans available

9. Officevibe

Officevibe is an employee engagement program that provides managers with tools for polling and collecting employee input, praising and rewarding employees, and tracking their performance in order to increase employee retention.

Among the best qualities are:

  • Employee perspectives: Users can collect comments to learn more about employee work satisfaction.
  • Feedback: Officevibe encourages team members to thank one another for their feedback.
  • Employee well-being: Stress management and work-life balance can be prioritized.


  • Essential: $3.50 per month
  • Pro: $5 per month
  • Business: Custom plan available
  • Free plan available for small businesses

10. WorkTango

Employers utilize WorkTango, an HR performance management tool and engagement platform, to monitor, measure, and enhance employee engagement.

WorkTango includes a variety of built-in reports, such as satisfaction scores, response percentages, and detailed responses to open-ended questions.

This tool’s primary features include:

  • Pulse Surveys: Get employee lifetime insights through pulse surveys and feedback tools.
  • Improve performance: Employees can improve performance using stats from the platform.
  • Analytics and reporting: Trakstar’s reporting and analytics solutions allow you to monitor developments and trends.


  • Custom pricing plans are available

11. Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR, another all-in-one HRMS, provides a number of options for increasing employee engagement. Businesses may better care for their employees by learning how they see the organization.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Management of performance: It includes tools for evaluating performance as well as options for creating goals.
  • Time tracking: Monitoring time off requests is made easy and accessible with Bamboo HR.
  • Self-service for employees: Employees can view and update their HR information using the self-service website.


  • It has 2 pricing editions, from $5.25 to $8.75.
  • A free trial is also available.

Top Benefits of Using Employee Engagement Software

Top Benefits of Using Employee Engagement Software

Software for employee engagement is a crucial tool that helps most modern companies reap the many advantages of an engaged staff. The 8 advantages of the best employee engagement software for companies are as follows:

1. Ensure Employee Well-Being

Employee engagement refers to a worker’s emotional connection to their company and its goals. Your staff can produce better, quicker outcomes when they are in outstanding mental and emotional health. One benefit of employee engagement platforms is that it enables you to monitor the company’s engagement and well-being regularly.

2. Recognize Employee Efforts

Employee appreciation encourages a culture of taking risks and motivates people to take more chances. Sending thank you letters can help to improve the workplace and create a tranquil, fulfilling environment for employees. You may rapidly distribute recognitions and discuss staff successes by using the employee appreciation tool.

3. Save Time, Resources, and Data

HRs may use surveys to gather opinions and valuable data. A company’s core operations may be significantly impacted by low employee productivity, which might lead to lower revenue, missed deadlines, and missed opportunities.

Since motivated, effective, and loyal employees are more likely to be present, employee engagement is essential for raising productivity.

4. Better Team Performance

Employee involvement is advantageous to both the whole team and the individual employees. This is a result of motivated workers exerting more effort.

5. Lower Absenteeism

Employees grow to like their jobs because of the positive environment that genuinely cares about them, the motivating goal-setting frameworks, and the constructive employee feedback sessions that keep them accountable for their performance.

6. Lower Employee Turnover

Every successful business makes the same assertion. Effective employee engagement software may perform wonders for you if you adopt and implement it. It encompasses you.

7. Brand Positioning in the Talent Market

With a powerful cloud-based employee engagement platform, a company can create programs that value its people and their work by simplifying and focusing on the individual.

8. Data-Driven Insights

Finally, the best employee engagement software may be used to deliver data-driven information on employee engagement levels. Organizations may discover areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to boost engagement by analyzing indicators like engagement ratings, employee feedback patterns, and participation rates.

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Employee engagement levels and an organization’s overall success may both be significantly impacted by the use of the right employee engagement software.

Moon HRM provides you with all of the tools you need to begin your employee engagement initiatives. Take advantage of Moon HRM’s ability to unleash the power of employee engagement.