Crafting the Perfect Business Voicemail Greeting: Tips and Examples

Crafting the Perfect Business Voicemail Greeting: Tips and Examples

Effective communication is the key to any successful business.

However, there might be times when you can’t attend to your calls, and this is when your customers’ calls go to voicemail. Your voicemail greetings for business can make or break relations with a potential client or existing customer.

Now, even without being present, your business needs to show a professional image and great customer service. This is why you need an effective business voicemail greeting for your callers.

In this blog, let us take you through what makes a voicemail good and a few examples to motivate you to create a perfect voicemail greeting.

What is a Good Voicemail Greeting?

A good business voicemail greeting is crucial for attracting and retaining potential customers.

It should be short, professional, and informative, providing callers with the necessary information and inviting them to continue engaging. The best voicemails aim to address callers’ concerns before they reach a physical person, reducing call times.

If appropriate, personality should be shown using humor; however, intimate touches should be limited in conservative businesses. A well-crafted voicemail can turn leads into loyal customers and increase the chances of retaining potential customers.

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5 Top Greetings for Small Businesses

A polished voicemail greeting is ideal for businesses. These greetings help build relationships and communicate important updates effectively, and thus, it is important to create voicemail messages according to your business needs.

Here are some of the business voicemail greeting examples you can use:

1. Standard Business Hours Voicemail

The classic greeting effectively communicates your availability for calls during business hours, allowing callers to contact you during business hours for immediate assistance.

“Hello, [Business Name] here. Our office is open Monday through Friday from [opening hour] to [closing time]. You can call during our work hours, or we will return your call promptly when we are back in the office. Kindly provide your phone number, name, and a brief message. Thank you very much.

2. Email Option Voicemail Example

This particular voicemail script for business adds to the appeal of email by implying that it is a quicker form of communication. Make sure your voicemail clearly states that people can reach you via email instead.

“Hey There! We appreciate your call to [Company Name]. Although we are helping other customers right now, we value your call and will communicate as soon as possible. If you need something immediately, please send us an email with your name and phone number. I hope you have an amazing day.”

3. Alternative Contact Voicemail Message

Receiving calls on behalf of other people could be a time-waster for businesses. With this voicemail script, you can provide the caller with options to call another number as per their requirement. This can be useful, particularly if you get calls on a regular basis for irrelevant reasons.

“Hey There! We appreciate your call to [Company Name]. Our experts are currently serving our other devoted customers. You can reach us at our alternative number (Contact number). If you want us to reach you later, please text us, and don’t forget to include your name, phone number, and the reason you’re calling. We’ll respond to you right away. We wish you a wonderful day!”

4. Emergency Voicemail Message

There might be situations where your client needs to reach you in an emergency. Your business might not be able to afford to lose such calls, so you can set up a voicemail with emergency contact details.

“ Hello! We appreciate you reaching out to [Company]. We’re not in the office right now due to urgent maintenance issues. If your concern can’t wait until the next business day, please call our [Phone number]. For any follow-up calls, kindly leave a message with your name, contact information, and the purpose of your call. We promise to respond to you as quickly as we can. Thanks for calling.”

5. Voicemail Greeting for Landlines

Installing a voicemail that plays automatically while the office is closed or when staff members won’t be in the office to receive calls might be a good idea if a department or office has dedicated landlines.

“We are pleased to hear from [Company Name]. We regret that we are unable to take your call at this time. Please provide your name, contact information, and a brief description of the issue or query you are posing. Thanks for calling.

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Business Voicemail Greeting Tips

Business voicemail greetings are the first point of contact for a client if you are not available.

Before recording your voicemail greeting, follow these seven best practices:

1. Begin by recording your contact information, including your name, business, and position. This will help callers feel they have reached the right contact. While recording, prepare your space and surroundings by making them quiet and testing the mic.

2. Keep your message to the point, and prompt the caller to leave a message. End with a friendly sign-off, such as “Thank you for calling, and we look forward to speaking with you soon.” At the end, listen to the recording to ensure you are audible and not speaking too quickly or slowly.

3. Give precise directions on the next steps the caller should take. Include key business facts, such as opening hours, to make the message more engaging. Avoid using cliched phrases and keep the message short, around 30 seconds.

4. Practice your voicemail before recording to ensure it flows naturally and sounds professional. Find areas that require improvement by asking a coworker to listen and provide feedback.

5. Customize your message to the people you’re talking to, highlighting your company’s strengths and services. Speak clearly and slowly enough for the caller to understand.

6. Keep your voicemail message professional, avoiding witty, humorous, or sarcastic messages that may negatively impact your company’s reputation.

7. Update your voicemail regularly, especially during busy times like Christmas and Easter. Callers may conclude that your organization is incompetent or has closed its doors if they see an older version.

8. Write a script ahead of time for voicemail greetings for business to avoid pauses and misunderstandings. Use a script, write it out, and practice your voicemail greeting ahead of time to ensure all essential details are covered and the structure sounds professional.

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You can use the business voicemail greeting examples in this blog to create more according to the situations you are facing in your business.