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Save 40-60 hours a month by advancing your HR management system. Designed for every size organization and institution, Moon HRM automates the HR processes by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks. We are here to offer an incredible employee experience with our easy, efficient, and feature-rich employee management software.

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Why Does Your Business Needs Moon HRM?

Choosing Moon HRM as your free employee management app can serve your organization with advanced HR processing features.

Project Management

Add projects to Moon HRM for efficiently managing your employee's project status, latest activities, reports, and billable hours using our free employee management app. Improvise your business productivity by using this ultimate feature.

  • Add multiple projects defining the project's technology, manager, team leader, salesperson, and project type.
  • Add billable projects to make it easy to manage the count of the employee's billable hours for hourly projects.
  • Get an exclusive summary view of the projects. Also, view the projects in list, summary, or sprint view.
Project Management

Time-Tracking Feature

Track every second of your employees automatically with our employee management software. Record employee hours automatically using biometric access or manually with a clock-in-out system.

  • Clock In Out feature to let the employees manually start the timer while logging in.
  • Pause the timer for breaks. Resume working by clicking on the play button.
  • Get accurate calculations of the daily and weekly working hours, including and excluding the break hours.
Time-Tracking Feature

Biometric Access Tracking

Track employee attendance using their biometrics, such as fingerprints. Allow the system to track attendance and break hours automatically with our attendance software for employee management.

  • Tracks the incoming and outgoing movements of the employees automatically with biometric access & integration.
  • Reduces the administrative costs of the company with automatic check-in and check-out.
  • Get auto-attendance reports generated through biometrics. 
Biometric Access Tracking

Leave & Attendance Management

Human Resource managers can focus on significant employee or company issues by automating leave and attendance management with Moon HRM. Our robust attendance tracking feature tracks daily attendance and also reports for latecomers.

  • Employees can directly request full and half-day leaves.
  • Admin or managers get leave approval requests.
  • Managers receive a daily email in the morning containing a list of team members who have logged in and those who are still absent.
Leave & Attendance Management

Daily Work Reports

Are daily work reporting an issue for your employees? We have made it effortless for organizations to manage daily work reports. Our employee management software helps employees to submit daily work reports with ease.

  • Add, edit, or manage daily work reports.
  • Add missing day work reports by selecting the correct date.
  • Submit and log out automatically by adding work reports at the end of the day.
Daily Work Reports

Employee Ticket Management

Make it easy for the employees to report their administrative, emotional, or professional grievances towards the company or higher management with our employee management software.

  • Save hours of meetings with the employees with the ticket management feature.
  • Generating tickets is a modern way to report to the HR department about any aspect associated with the work, project, or company infrastructure. 
  • Improvise relationships with the employees by allowing them to open suggestions using the employee ticket management feature.
Employee Ticket Management

Basecamp Integration

Integrate Moon HRM with Basecamp to sync your work reports, daily project hours, and estimation hours of various sprints and to-dos. Manage your employee's working hours and billable hours efficiently.

  • Link unlimited projects with Basecamp.
  • Estimate and total hours management of various sprints and to-dos. 
  • Updating reports on Basecamp will directly sync with Moon HRM, saving employees time.
Basecamp Integration

Leverage the Power of Creating User Roles

Moon HRM allows the super admin to create user admins or managers with assigned roles. Super admins can monitor the managers and employees; HR managers can also be assigned user roles, whereas managers can monitor their team screens. Our employee management software helps organizations assign different user roles per the designation and requirement to manage their team.

 Leverage the Power of  Creating User Roles

Highlighted Features

Below are some additional features of our free employee management app.

  • Project Hours Tracking 
  • Time Logs
  • Daily Worksheet
  • Attendance Reports
  • Leave Requests
  • Employee Screen Tracking/Monitoring
  • Work From Home Management
  • Employee Ticket Management
  • Holiday Calendar
  • Team Access Control
  • Company Banner Display
  • Managed Drive

How Moon HRM Transforms Workplaces by 10X Speed?

Checkout this exclusive Moon HRM video to acknowledge the next-gen employee management software features.

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Benjamin Smith
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"This employee management software has been a game-changer for our team's productivity and organization. It's user-friendly and intuitive, making scheduling and communication a breeze."

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"Moon HRM offers outstanding customer support and a robust feature set. It has improved our HR operations, and the user interface is modern and easy to use."

Akash Patel
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“Efficiency at its best! This employee management software covers all our HR needs flawlessly. It's customizable, saves time, and enhances collaboration."

Frequently Asked Questions

Our attendance software for employee management helps the super admin define multiple employee roles and access.

Sure. If your organization has more remote workers, our employee management software can help monitor and track their screens. Also, our performance management software can track the employee’s real-time work productivity.

Yes, our software is accessible from the URL.

Here is the simple procedure to integrate Moon HRM with

  1. Install Basecamp Time Tracker Extension
  2. Click on the Login Icon on the Top Right of the Basecamp Extension
  3. Enter Your Moon HRM Email Address
  4. Verify the Email Address by Entering the OTP
  5. Complete the Verification Process with Basecamp Permission

The key features of employee management software include time tracking, project management, biometric access, leave and attendance management, holiday calendar, and work reports.

It automates most of the tasks, making it easy for the human resource manager to manage the HR tasks without any manual operations such as managing attendance, work reports, and more.

Moon HRM tracks the employee’s project updates, including the billable hours. It also monitors the employee’s whole-day tasks, thereby enhancing productivity.