Scan to Call: QR Code Connect by Moon Dialer

Share the QR code with your contacts and allow them to call you directly. Introducing a QR code for calling seamlessly with Moon Dialer.

Receive Calls From QR
QR Code Connect

5K+ Business Owners are Receiving Calls Through QR

Why Is Scan to Call Feature a Must for Both Individuals & Organizations?

Businesses can benefit by turning on the QR code to make phone call feature. Let’s discuss it!

Contactless Business Cards

For enabling easy contactless calling, scanning to call using a QR code can be an efficient method. Here the QR code serves as your contactless business card to your customer or client, allowing access to the contact details.

  • Eliminates the time to storing the phone number manually
  • Use Smartphone camera to scall QR code & call
  • Saves time and effort
Get Quick Calls Using QR
Contactless Business Cards

Advertising & Marketing

Use QR codes in advertisements or marketing materials to help your keen customers or clients to give you a call without displaying the phone number. Keep your phone number safe and allow them to scan the QR code for calling.

  • Hide your original phone number from spammers
  • Give access to direct calls with the QR call feature
  • Advance your marketing engagements
Display QR code in Ads
Advertising & Marketing

Event Registrations

Event agencies or organizers can benefit from the scan-to-call QR code feature for getting quick registrations for upcoming events, webinars, seminars, or conferences. Print the QR in the event literature for quick event registration calls and queries.

  • Improvise your event registrations with the call QR code feature
  • Get all the event registrations without displaying the original number
  • Introduce QR call to the event materials, and handle event queries effortlessly
Get Event Registrations Through QR
Event Registrations

Customer Support

Product manufacturing companies can print the QR code on their help documents or how-to guides to enable quick calling. Let the call QR code feature help your customers reach out quickly.

  • Give your customers quick access to call
  • Let your customers reach out to you without any manual phone number
  • Enhance your customer management portal with a QR code to call
Allow Quick QR calling from Customers
Customer Support

Emergency Situations

Well, if you are in any industry or organization that serves any emergency services or if you want your employees or followers to respond to you for any immediate causes, use the scan to call for emergency calls.

  • Eliminate the need for manual dialling during emergency hours
  • Receive emergency calls quickly without wasting a minute
  • Serve immediately by publishing a QR code to call
Get Emergency Calls from QR
Emergency Situations

How to Use Scan to Call Feature?

  1. Turn on Receive calls from QR in your Moon Dialer App
  2. Share your QR code with customers or clients instantly to receive direct calls
  3. Hide your original number. Receive calls without exposing your phone number
  4. Outbound calling charges are applied, so help your customers with free calling service
  5. Turn off the QR code for the calling feature to stop receiving calls
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How to Use Scan to Call Feature?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can turn off the Receive Calls from QR button using the toggle switch in the app. Once turned off, the QR will not be scanned for calls by your customers or clients.

No, the real phone number is not displayed. Outbound calling is applied.

Yes, you can share the QR code with your contacts easily.