Moon Dialer: Dynamic QR Code Scan-to-Call Feature

Moon Dialer: Dynamic QR Code Scan-to-Call Feature

What if you could easily connect with your peers and make calls without the hassle of manually searching an entire business contacts list?

With a simple scan, you can bypass the hassle of manual dialing and unlock calling convenience like never before.

QR Code Scan to Call by Moon Dialer is a cutting-edge feature revolutionizing the way we make calls. It is transforming the way we communicate, making dialing numbers a thing of the past. This intuitive solution from the top VoIP calling tool is the expert solution your business needs!

In this blog, let us explore the use cases and benefits you can experience with Moon Dialer’s Scan-to-Call!

QR Code Connect by Moon Dialer

Using QR Connect by Moon Dialer, you can make calls directly by scanning the QR code designed for a designated number. This advanced feature lets you have free access to calls without the need to dial a number manually.

This is a beneficial feature for both businesses and individuals alike. The user can create a QR code for their number and share it with anyone who needs to call. It can be used in a lot of scenarios where easy dialing is required or where you want to receive calls without sharing your number.

It also makes dialing convenient for end users, as they no longer need to look for a number on the contact list or search for it online. Simply scan the QR code, and calls will be connected to the person you wish to call.

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Benefits of Scan-to-Call Feature

Benefits of Scan-to-Call Feature


Scan to call is an intuitive smart feature developed to let end users call through a QR code.

  • Customizable: As an individual caller, you can use the customizable QR codes. Businesses can also create customizable codes when they require it. These codes can be created or deleted according to the needs.
  • Increased Security: Unlike a phone number, sharing a QR code is relatively quick and easy. You can also safely share it with a larger audience or social network to let people connect with you without sharing your personal information.
  • Increased Shareability: As a business or individual, you can use QR codes to reach a wider audience. Instead of phone numbers, QR codes can be shared easily via many streams.
  • Quick Scannability: QR codes can be scanned very quickly, making them easily accessible by end users. Using your iOS devices for Moon Dialer, you can scan them on the go and dial the number directly, which has the highest speed for action.

How to Use Scan-to-Call Feature?

How to Use Scan-to-Call Features

Scan to call is one of the latest modules added to Moon Dialer. It offers a quick calling feature at zero cost to the dialer.

  • You can create customizable QR codes directly from the Moon Dialer app according to your needs.
  • This QR code has a name attached to it so that the end user can easily identify the person they are connecting to.
  • This QR code is then shared with the respective clients or required users. You can receive calls easily without actually sharing your phone number.
  • The user can scan the QR code and dial the number directly. Outgoing call charges are applicable for the end client.
  • You will have full control over when you receive calls at your fingertips. You can turn the toggle on or off to receive calls.
  • You can also generate a new QR code for another number to keep the existing QR code calling on hold during peak hours.
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Why Do Individuals & Organizations Need Scan to Call Feature?

There can be a lot of use cases for this intuitive feature of Scan to Call Service designed by Moon Dialer. It’s a game-changer for individuals and organizations alike, such as:

  • Emergency services
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Software consultancies
  • Sales & marketing agencies
  • In-office communications

But there’s more to it.

The scan-to-call feature offers a wide range of direct and quick contact services for multiple industries and contexts, eventually improving operational efficiency, customer engagement, and service delivery.

Here are some uses discussed in detail:

1. Contactless Business Cards

The Scan to Call can help you spread your business information to your ideal clients looking to contact you effortlessly. It also eliminates the need for human intervention when starting a phone call. This new method streamlines contactless communication while increasing productivity and user satisfaction.

2. Appointment Scheduling

Professional businesses such as medical clinics, salons, and consulting organizations might benefit from Scan to Call for more efficient appointment scheduling. Clients can simply make calls to reschedule, confirm, or query about appointments by integrating QR codes in appointment reminders or online booking systems. This optimizes scheduling operations and reduces no-show rates.

3. Advertising & Marketing

Prospective clients can begin calls with a simple scan that hides phone numbers from the public. This opens up a new perspective on direct communications, protects privacy, and allows for more focused involvement, hence optimizing marketing campaigns.

4. Feedback Collection

Businesses that want to collect client feedback or conduct surveys can use Scan to Call to establish direct contact channels. Customers can easily make calls to provide feedback, share testimonials, or voice concerns by embedding QR codes in feedback forms or promotional materials, boosting active involvement and streamlining data gathering.

5. Event Registrations

Event organizers can use Scan to Call to streamline registration processes, improving attendee experience and efficiency. By including QR codes in the event literature, participants can easily make registration calls, reducing the need for lengthy form submissions. This seamless integration improves event management and creates a frictionless registration experience.

6. Training and Education

Scan to Call can be integrated into educational institutions, training centers, and e-learning platforms to allow teachers and students to communicate in real-time. QR codes embedded in course materials or virtual classrooms allow students to easily make calls to seek clarification, request assistance, or engage in interactive learning activities, boosting the effectiveness and accessibility of educational resources.

7. Customer Support

Integrating QR codes will give you quick access to customer support services. Users experiencing problems or seeking assistance can initiate calls directly from instructional materials, expediting the support process. This proactive strategy improves customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by promptly responding to requests and issues.

8. Property Management

The Scan to Call feature can make property listing much easier for real estate agents, property managers, and landlords. In case any urgent communication is required, clients can reach out to the property owners directly through the QR codes.

9. Emergency Situations

In emergencies, Scan to Call allows for quick communication. Scanning QR codes located for emergency contacts can help people in risky situations get help quickly. Responders can also quickly mobilize resources by using QR codes to begin emergency calls.


Scan to call is an innovative new feature specially designed to simplify communication for its users. This tool has a flexible solution to match your needs with its customizable QR codes, higher security, and improved shareability.

It can be a great tool to assist your business in gaining new insights into client communications.

So why wait?

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