Mastering Remote Employee Time Tracking: Boosting 5X Productivity

Mastering Remote Employee Time Tracking: Boosting 5X Productivity

In this digital age, remote work has become popular, and businesses depend on remote employees.

However, remote work also presents unique challenges for your business. You must now figure out unique strategies to measure remote team productivity, assess performance, and track working hours. And here employee management is crucial for overseeing globally distributed teams, providing real-time insights into their work schedules and projects.

Regular tools like communication apps or project management tools might show only some of what you need to know. You will need special software to manage and track your remote workers.

That’s where remote employee time tracking comes in. It’s like having a virtual helper that tells you when your remote team is working and what they’re working on.

This blog has collected a list of the best platforms for optimizing productivity and cultivating an engaged remote workforce.

The Top 5 Benefits of Tracking Remote Work

The Top 5 Benefits of Tracking Remote Work

Let’s discuss the topmost reasons for tracking remote work of employees or freelancers.

1. Improved Productivity

The American Management Association recently reported a rise of 22% in overall employee productivity for businesses that implemented employee monitoring solutions.

Employee monitoring software can significantly increase productivity by identifying time-consuming activities in the workplace. With this information from remote employee time tracking tools, you can help your remote workers manage their time more effectively, boosting overall productivity.

Monitoring also helps managers adapt to problems, allowing for quicker resolution. This results in less time spent dealing with problems after the fact, benefiting both individual remote workers and the organization. You can also form strategies for your remote workers to be more productive with this data on hand.

2. Communication and Collaboration

Employee tracking tools enhance team collaboration by providing many benefits. It provides a clear view of available time, enabling scheduling and coordination between team members in different time zones.

These remote employee time tracking tools also increase transparency within your business, allowing remote workers to understand their contribution to the company’s success, which in turn helps them feel deeply related to the company. These tools even offer communication and collaboration features, which help remote teamwork and let your remote team stay connected.

Tools like Moon HRM allow remote workers to track their availability in real-time, enabling managers to schedule meetings and coordinate work effectively. The software allows for team communication and facilitates collaboration.

3. Better Time Management

You can help remote workers manage their time effectively by using employee tracking software to pinpoint areas where they spend too much or too little time. This information can help remote workers prioritize tasks and maintain concentration on essential tasks, increasing output and improving time management.

Remote employee time tracking tools can also help managers understand project durations more accurately, allowing them to forecast results more accurately and manage employee workloads more effectively.

This can help reduce burnout and improve overall productivity in remote work environments.

4. Increased Accountability

Have you ever wondered if your remote employees use their time efficiently while working from home?

Remote employee time-tracking software can enhance accountability in a remote work environment by providing precise data on employee usage. This helps managers identify areas needing training or support, ensures timely completion of tasks, and prevents time theft.

Employees who are monitored are more likely to stay focused, reducing distractions and increasing productivity. Employers can monitor employees’ work hours and completed tasks, instilling a sense of responsibility in remote employees and reducing procrastination and unproductive behavior.

5. Streamlined Workflow and Task Management

By combining project and task management aspects, productivity monitoring software improves remote team cooperation and optimizes operations. It offers a centralized platform for tracking assignments and progress, ensuring that work is performed on time and within the stated limitations.

Remote employee time-tracking software aids in resource allocation, ensuring successful project completion and contributing to the overall success of the organization.

Other benefits of remote employee time tracking also include managing remote teams effectively, managing project hours with time logs, hassle-free work reporting, and much more.

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5 Top Remote Employee Time Tracking Software

Regarding employee monitoring, many tools are available in the market. Here are some of the top remote employee time tracking tools for remote teams that are available in the market for you to select from.

1. Moon HRM

Moon HRM

Moon HRM is a comprehensive remote employee time-tracking solution to enhance remote workforce management. It offers real-time tracking, analytics, and automation features.

Moon HRM is like your trusty time-tracking buddy for remote work.

It’s super easy to use and helps you keep tabs on how you’re spending your work hours. With features like automatic time capture and project tracking, it’s like having a personal assistant who ensures you get credit for all your hard work. You get all the comprehensive features required for the highest employee productivity without overburdening them. It also acts as a project management software for managing remote teams and keeping track of the projects for remote team members.

Plus, it integrates well with other HR tools, smoothing your work life.


  • Automated time capture: Automatically captures employee work hours
  • Project-based time tracking: Allows tracking time spent on specific projects, facilitating efficient project management.
  • Mobile Accessibility: Track the time of working employees and access real-time data.
  • Integrations with other tools: Seamlessly integrate with Basecamp for managing sprints and todos.
  • Idle time detection: Provides a more accurate representation of productive hours.
  • User-friendly interface: Easy to use for remote employees, managers, and HRs.


You can try Moon HRM for free. You can also upgrade to premium plans at 0.99$ per month per additional employee or $19.99 per month for upto 30 employees.

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2. Toggl

Toggl is a user-friendly time-tracking tool designed to simplify the process of tracking work hours for remote teams.

Just one click, and you’re off!

It’s like a stopwatch for your tasks. You can set up timers for each task or a particular workday according to your company’s requirements. It really gets fast work done in your company.

But wait, there’s more – Toggl is the brilliant buddy who tells you where your time goes and even spots when you’re taking a little break. It makes sure you’re always in the flow. With this tool, you can manage many aspects of HR smoothly.


  • One-click time tracking: Straightforward one-click feature to track time for quick and easy use
  • Reporting and analytics: Generate detailed reports and analytics
  • Team collaboration: Facilitates collaboration and track time collaboratively.
  • Integration with popular apps: It integrates seamlessly to enhance workflow efficiency.


It offers a free plan. You can get a starter plan at $9 and a premium plan at $18.

3. Clockify

Clockify is a free time tracking tool designed especially for small businesses.

Unlimited users and projects make it an affordable option for expanding teams. Clockify’s emphasis on simplicity extends to its manual time entry and billable hours tracking features, allowing businesses to adapt the tool to their unique workflows.

This remote employee time tracking tool also allows manual entries, monitors your billable hours, and goes wherever you go with its mobile and desktop apps. It is a helpful tool for both in-house and remote employees.


  • Unlimited users and projects: Manage unlimited users and projects
  • Reporting and exporting: generate customizable reports and export data for analysis and invoicing.
  • Manual time entry: Supports manual time entry, accommodating employees from the office and remote locations.
  • Billable hours tracking: Includes features for tracking billable hours so you can bill clients accordingly.
  • Mobile and desktop apps: Offers convenient time tracking across devices.


Clockify offers a Basic plan at $3.99, a Standard plan at $5.59, a Pro plan at &7.99, and an Enterprise at &11.99 per month.

4. Hubstaff

Hubstaff goes beyond traditional time tracking by combining it with robust employee monitoring features.

Hubstaff includes GPS tracking for remote employees and remote employee time tracking, providing location-based insights. The software also offers activity monitoring, payroll, and invoicing integration and captures screenshots for increased accountability.

It also provides a screenshot feature that is a powerful tool for managing remote employees.


  • GPS Tracking: GPS tracking for remote employees, providing location-based insights.
  • Activity Monitoring: offers insights into productivity levels and focus.
  • Payroll and Invoicing: it integrates time tracking with invoicing and payroll processes.
  • Screenshots: Captures screenshots at intervals, fostering accountability and transparency in remote work.


It offers a 14-day free plan. You can get a $4 Starter plan, $7 Grow plan, $10 Team plan, and $25 Enterprise plan per month.

5. Harvest

Harvest is a popular time-tracking software with simple and ease-of-use features.

Harvest makes it easy to integrate time-tracking data into billing and invoicing procedures. The software’s expense tracking and project budgeting features make it a comprehensive tool for businesses aiming to manage projects efficiently while keeping a close eye on financial aspects.

Harvest is like a guide, turning your work hours into a smooth, hassle-free experience.


  • Invoicing and billing: Streamlines the invoicing and billing process to provide detailed reports for your business.
  • Expense tracking: Detailed view of project costs
  • Project budgeting: Users can set accurate time tracking and monitor budgets for specific tasks.
  • Reporting and analytics: Generate automatic time tracking and analytics reports to track time spent and team productivity.


A free trial is available. Harvest costs $12 USD/person/month.

How Do You Find the Right Time-Tracking App for Remote Workers?

How Do You Find the Right Time-Tracking App for Remote Workers

To choose the proper productivity remote employee time tracking app for your organization, consider your unique needs, budget, and team response. Eventually, it boils down to these three steps, and if you get these right, you will land the perfect fit for your company.

These steps include:

1. Assess Your Business Needs

First, assess your business needs, considering team size, work type, and data security. Consider whether you have hybrid or remote workers, as some solutions may suit remote employees. Every company is different; you can figure out where you lag and what might need help. As different tools provide different features, choose accordingly.

2. Compare Software Options

After identifying your organization’s requirements, compare various remote employee time-tracking software options, selecting tools that align with your business goals and budget constraints while ensuring the necessary features and capabilities.

You must remember your requirements from the above points and pick the right remote employee time-tracking tool. You can even choose a tool with automatic time tracking and a project progress tool for monitoring remote workers.

3. Ensure Positive User Experience for Employees

Examine the user experience and assistance offered by various software vendors, looking for user-friendly interfaces and responsive customer service representatives. This ensures that the employee monitoring tool is straightforward to use and that any issues are rectified as soon as possible.

Here are some features from Moon HRM, one of the best employee monitoring solutions, now that you know what to look for.

  • Automated Time Capture: It lets you automatically capture time employees spend. Say hello to accurate and effortless timekeeping.
  • Project-Based Time Tracking: You can allocate your time to specific projects. It’s like having a virtual notebook that helps you track tasks and projects.
  • Mobile Accessibility: With mobile accessibility, you can track your time on the go, ensuring that every moment counts, whether in the office or working from your favorite coffee shop.
  • Integrations with Other HR Tools: You can seamlessly integrate Moon HRM with other HR tools, creating a harmonious work environment where all your essential tools work together.
  • User-Friendly Interface: It’s intuitive and easy to navigate.

Next steps: Try Moon HRM to Improve Remote Employee Productivity

It’s clear that the right tools can make all the difference in optimizing productivity and fostering a connected team, regardless of the physical distance between your employees.

And as the technology grows, this trend is only going to grow. Hence, it is wise to adopt accordingly.

For remote work to be successful, remote employee time monitoring is essential since it allows companies to monitor worker hours precisely, assess productivity, and streamline processes. Purchasing a time-tracking system can help to keep payroll errors at bay and increase worker satisfaction.

Looking at the features and essentials above proves that Moon HRM is a reliable employee monitoring solution with powerful features and a user-friendly interface.

By choosing the right remote employee monitoring software, you not only optimize efficiency but also cultivate an engaged and motivated team. Moon HRM’s remote employee time-tracking tool emerges as a standout choice. It’s a valuable asset for any organization embracing remote work.

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