Fixed & Non-Fixed VoIP: Choose the Best Calling Mode

Fixed & Non-Fixed VoIP: Choose the Best Calling Mode

The VoIP technology has brought tremendous changes, especially in the world of international business communication.

It has enabled seamless and low-cost communication possible for businesses all across the world.

But you must decide if your business needs fixed or non-fixed VoIP services. This blog has mentioned all the destinations you need to decide wisely.

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What Is a Fixed VoIP Phone Number?

A fixed VoIP phone number is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) number that includes a physical address. Unlike traditional landline phone numbers, Fixed VoIP transmits voice data over the internet.

Fixed VoIP numbers offer the advantage of using internet connectivity for voice communication, providing cost savings and flexibility compared to traditional landlines. These numbers are suitable for businesses and residences where users have a stable, permanent location.

What Is a Non-Fixed VoIP Phone Number?

A Non-Fixed VoIP phone number is a type of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that does not have a specific physical address.

Unlike Fixed VoIP numbers, linked to a particular location for emergency service purposes, Non-Fixed VoIP numbers offer greater mobility and flexibility.

Here are some critical characteristics of Non-Fixed VoIP numbers:

Key Characteristics of Non-Fixed VoIP Numbers

  • Mobility: Non-fixed VoIP numbers can be used from different devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or computers, and are not restricted to a specific physical location.
  • Virtual Presence: Users can choose area codes from different regions, regardless of location.
  • No Physical Infrastructure Requirement: Non-Fixed VoIP numbers do not rely on traditional telephone lines.
  • Flexible Usage: Non-Fixed VoIP numbers are suitable for individuals or businesses that require flexibility in their communication setup, allowing them to connect with clients, colleagues, or friends from anywhere.
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Comparison of Fixed VoIP & Non-Fixed VoIP

Here is the comparison between fixed VoIP and Non-Fixed VoIP:

Feature Fixed VoIP Non-Fixed VoIP
Address Association Associated with a specific physical address for emergency services. More mobility because it’s not confined to a single physical location.
Geographic Flexibility Limited to the location provided during registration. Allows users to use the number from different devices and locations.
Emergency Services Enhanced ability for emergency services to locate the caller. It may pose challenges for emergency services in pinpointing the caller’s location.
Mobility Generally, it is less mobile and tied to a specific location. Highly mobile, suitable for users on the go or with changing locations.
Cost Considerations It may have more predictable costs. It can be cost-effective, especially for users with varying locations.
Device Compatibility Typically used on specific devices associated with the fixed location. It can be used on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers.
Virtual Presence Limited virtual presence, as it is tied to a specific area code. Offers the ability to choose area codes from different regions, creating a virtual presence.
Common Use Cases Business offices, homes, or locations with consistent usage patterns. Remote workers, digital nomads, businesses with multiple locations, or those requiring flexible communication.

How to Get a Non-Fixed VoIP Number?

How to Get a Non-Fixed VoIP Number

The process of obtaining a Non-Fixed VoIP number is not too complicated. The general procedures to get a Non-Fixed VoIP number are as follows:

1. Choose a VoIP Service Provider

Conduct research to find a reliable VoIP service provider who offers non-fixed VoIP services. You can make as many international calls as you like with a service like Moon Dialer.

2. Sign Up for an Account

Visit the Moon Dialer VoIP provider’s website and register an account. Typically, this involves entering your name, email address, and, on occasion, payment information.

3. Select a Non-Fixed VoIP Plan

Browse the available plans and choose the one that best suits your needs. Moon Dialer offers flexibility and may include features like virtual numbers, mobile apps, and various calling options.

4. Download and Set Up the VoIP App

Download the Moon Dialer VoIP app and install it on your device. This makes it more convenient for mobile users.

5. Configure Your Settings

Once you’ve set up the Moon Dialer, configure your preferences and settings. This may include voicemail setup, call forwarding, and more.

6. Start Making Calls

With your Moon Dialer VoIP number set up, you can start making calls from the app on your device.

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Who Uses Non-Fixed VoIP Numbers?

Here are some common categories of users who find Non-Fixed VoIP numbers beneficial:

1. Digital Nomads

VoIP phone lines that are not fixed can be advantageous for people who travel frequently or work from home. They allow these users to maintain a consistent phone number regardless of location.

2. Small Businesses and Startups

This allows team members to use the same business number from various locations and devices, presenting a unified front to clients and customers.

3. Freelancers and Contractors

Freelancers and independent contractors may use Non-Fixed VoIP numbers to establish a professional communication channel without relying on a fixed physical location.

4. International Businesses

This can enhance communication with clients and customers in specific geographic areas.

5. Temporary or Pop-Up Businesses

Businesses operating temporarily, such as pop-up shops or event-based enterprises, find Non-Fixed VoIP numbers advantageous.

6. Individuals with Privacy Concerns

Non-fixed VoIP numbers are an option for people who respect their privacy and wish to maintain their personal phone numbers.

7. Real Estate Professionals

Real estate agents, brokers, and property managers can benefit from the flexibility of Non-Fixed VoIP numbers.

8. Remote Teams

Companies with remote teams or employees working from different locations can use Non-Fixed VoIP numbers to ensure seamless communication.

9. Entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs

Entrepreneurs running small businesses or solopreneurs managing their ventures may choose Non-Fixed VoIP numbers for their flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

Fixed or Non-Fixed VoIP: Which is the Better Option?

Fixed or Non-Fixed VoIP Which is the Better Option

The choice between Fixed and Non-Fixed VoIP depends on specific needs, preferences, and your usage. Both options have their advantages and considerations.

Let’s explore factors that can help you decide which is the better option for your situation:

Choose Fixed VoIP if:

  • Stability and Predictability: If you operate from a fixed location, such as a home or business office, and value stability and predictability in your communication setup, Fixed VoIP may be the better option.
  • Business with a Permanent Location: If you run a business with a fixed physical location and require a consistent phone presence.
  • Less Mobile Workforce: If your team operates primarily from a central office and doesn’t require extensive mobility, Fixed VoIP may be more suitable.

Choose Non-Fixed VoIP if:

  • Flexibility and Mobility: If your team works from various locations or travels frequently, Non-Fixed VoIP tools like Moon Dialer offer the flexibility to make and receive calls from different devices, providing mobility.
  • Virtual Presence: For businesses aiming to establish a virtual presence in multiple locations without physically being present, Non-Fixed VoIP allows you to choose area codes according to your region.
  • Digital Nomad Lifestyle: If you are a digital nomad or frequently change your location, Non-Fixed VoIP numbers allow you to maintain a consistent phone number regardless of where you are.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Non-Fixed VoIP services often provide cost-effective communication solutions, making them attractive for individuals and businesses looking to minimize expenses.

Final Words

The choice between Fixed and Non-Fixed VoIP comes down to individual preferences, specific use cases, and the nature of your communication requirements.

Ultimately, the world of VoIP provides a spectrum of communication solutions, and the “better” option depends on how well the chosen VoIP type aligns with your goals and operational requirements.

But If your business requires mobility, unlimited international calling, and other such features, Moon Dialer can be your best option.