How to Call the UK from the US: Unlocking Affordable Communication

How to Call the UK from the US: Unlocking Affordable Communication

With the globalization of the economy and businesses spawning over the globe, instant communication has become essential for individuals and businesses.

Be it getting in touch with the clients through their mobile phone numbers or contacting your sellers or other business owners, you must make uninterrupted calls anytime.

If your business is in the US and you want to connect to the UK alongside other locations, we will explore all the steps and tools required in this guide.

How to Call the UK from the US: Calling the UK from the US

Calling from the US to the UK is pretty simple if you know what steps to follow.

If you want to make calls from the US to the UK, here are the steps:

1. Dial the Country Exit Code (US)

To let the network know that you are calling outside of the USA, the first step is to dial an exit code. This acts as a clue to make calls from within the USA. You can now dial 011 – the country exit code of the US.

2. Dial UK(United Kingdom) Country Code

You also need the code for the country you want to connect to. For calling the UK, the country code is 44. The UK country code lets you connect through time zone differences.

That’s 011 + 44.

3. Calling From Cell-Phone

Using a mobile phone to dial the US, dial 7. It is the code used for calling mobile phones in the UK.

4. Dial the Area Code for the Landline Number

You will also need the area code specific to the city you want to connect to for making calls to the UK. UK area codes range from 2 to 3 digits. You will also need to remove any 0s as the first digit.

For instance, if your area code is 034, dial 011 + 44 + 34.

Or if the area code is 456, dial 011 + 44 + 456.

5. Enter the Recipient’s Phone Number

Now call the person you are contacting at that number. After the first three steps, proceed with the final stage of dialing 10 10-digit phone numbers in the UK.

How to Call the UK from the USA: UK Area Codes

Here is a list of all the United Kingdom area codes required.

Locations Area codes
Aberdeen 01224
Bath 01225
Birmingham 0121
Brighton 01273
Bristol 0117
Cambridge 01223
Cardiff 029
Chester 01244
Edinburgh 0131
Glasgow 141
Inverness 01463
Leeds 113
Liverpool 0151
London 020
Manchester 0161
Newcastle-upon-Tyne 0191
Nottingham 0115
Oxford 01865
Swansea 01792
York 01904

How Do I Call UK Landlines from the US?

As a business, you may have many instances to contact any client or business in the UK. Most business contacts commonly happen through in-office landline connections. You need a calling system.

As mentioned above, you simply need these steps:

  1. Enter the US exit code: 011
  2. Dial the country code for the UK: 44
  3. If you call a landline, you must include the area code: 456
  4. Dial the 10-digit phone number of the recipient: 20 7123 4567

You’ve dialed: 011 44 456 20 7123 4567

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How Do You Call UK Mobile Phones From the US?

To call from a mobile to the UK, you must follow the above instructions. The only difference is that modern cell phones usually have shortcuts for dialing international numbers.

The country code used by mobile phones is + instead of the usual 44 used by cell phones. You also need to dial the mobile number, which is 7.

So if you are calling to the UK using a mobile, you must dial + 44 7.

How Do You Make International Phone Calls to the UK Using Moon Dialer?

How Do You Make International Phone Calls to the UK Using Moon Dialer

If you need to contact the UK regularly, using your mobile or your office landline connection can be expensive.

Hence, looking into other solutions that can be used is essential.

VOIP is a development for international voice calls through Wifi or broadband associations.

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How Much Does It Cost to Call the UK From the US?

International calling can be costly.

If you want to call from the US to the UK, it can cost from 1.5$ to 1.7$ per minute. At such high rates, it can be a burden on most businesses that require frequent contact.

But don’t worry; with Moon Dialer, you will save significant money calling UK mobile phones. Using Moon DIaler, you can make voice calls to any part of the world over the internet, including the UK.

Time Zone Differences to Consider When Calling the UK From the US

The UK uses two time zones, i.e., British Summer Time or BST (GMT+1) during the summer and British Standard Time or BST (GMT+0) for the rest of the year.

The USA is divided into four time zones: EST, CST, MST, and PST.

You need to keep track of these varied hours while making international calls. Moon Dialer also makes it easy to schedule calls between you and your clients, where you both can track and edit the calendar and required.

As there is a difference in time zones, here are the US time differences from the UK timezone

  • EST lags by 4 hours
  • CST lags by 6 hours
  • MST lags by 7 hours
  • PST lags by 8 hours

Bottom Line

Break away from the hassles of traditional calling and empower your business with the top-line features of Moon Dialer. With wifi calling, easy dialer, and many other features, you can make communication a breeze for your business.

As you navigate the complexities of the business world, Moon Dialer can assist you in making affordable and accessible communication possible with all your clients in the UK and beyond.

Upgrade your communication strategy today and see the difference.